Lighting Cable Solution, Easy Fix. Permanent Solution.

Here's a tip. Are you tired of paying $19 for Official Apple Lighting Cables, only to have them wear out on you or stop working? Here's a way to save money and always have spare lightning cables on hand. First off, ditch the official ones. But you don't want cheap Chinese knock offs either. Good quality cables WITH WARRANTY. There's two ways to do this.

1st. Pick up Amazon Basics Brand Lightning Cables, starting at $5.99 Warranty of 1 Year with easy Amazon Replacement. If you pick up a couple even if your main cable fails within one year, you will have a spare and never run out, while you get your other cable replaced!

2nd Option. Monoprice Brand Lightning Cables starting at 6.49 with Lifetime Warranty. That's right, monoprice offers a lifetime warranty on their cables! Never worry about wasting money on Lightning Cables Again!

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