EASY Daily Routine for Amazon Gift Cards

First off, this method is mostly PASSIVE so you won't have to do much and you won't have to complete any offers unless you want to for bonus points.

1. First thing's first, sign up for swagbucks on your computer if you haven't already: SWAGBUCKS
Now on your device download the EntertaiNOW and Swabucks TV apps. You run both of these daily for a few hours in the background until you hit your cap for each and you earn 90 swagbucks total daily, meaning you can cash out $25 in amazon gift cards a month (Cash out the $5 Amazon GC, they are cheaper) Tips to make this easier: SBTV gets you 50 points a day, favorite the 10 Second Clip videos under gardening, and the play from your favorites and it will loop automatically until done. The EntertaiNOW app gets you 40 points a day for doing the same thing, make a favorites playlist from the short videos under TV Spots. Then hit play and let them loop automatically.

2.Part two sing up for Bing Rewards if you haven't already: Bing Rewards
Now when that's done were going to setup a bot to do all the searches for us. You will just clik the program and let it run once a day. The bot that I use is BINGR Bot, download and install. Once installed , open the folder it was installed to and edit the "settings.ini" file and put in your login info like this exampleemail@gmail.com:123456 where "123456" is your password right under the line where it says "[MicrosoftRewardsEmails]" Run that once a day and it will the searches for you. You'll need words for the bot to search so create a new file named wordlist.txt in that same folder and some words to it, here's a wordlist to get you started http://pastebin.com/5TUpryZJ

Tip: To maximize bing gift card cashout, redeem for swagbucks points, and then redeem those swagbuck points for a $5 amazon giftcard (these are discounted by 50 points on swabucks and discounted by 25 points on bing) You can make about $10 a month once your gold status kicks in (just keep at it, it's automatic) Right now Mondays are double points! The Bing Bot does this automatically!

3. Last but not least, if you haven't already sign up for: Perk TV!
Once your signed up download the perk tv app from your device under the "Perk Apps" Menu. Go to the App then go to App Trailers, click watch trailers and just let it loop! This app has no limits and can run 24/7 if you want it. In fact it is recommended to let it run as much as possible. You can earn $5-$10 giftcards a week with this app, depending on how long you can let it run. I try to let it run 24/7 on my ipod touch. And I use my android to run the Entertainow and swabucks tv.

Other tips: You can do some of the offers on swagbucks to earn even more points. The method described here is only the easiest passive method. It's up to you if you want to do more. I also recommend you do 2 searches a day on your computer on perk, it's an easy 40 points for 2 searches. You can also watch the daily points for 10 points each.

Let me know if you have any questions, I will try to help.

p.s. A couple of other websites you can sign up for to earn points: InstaGC and Gifthulk.

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